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MAXPAD Interactive System |
How to use

For Education Application

Interactive Solution

The user can use finger or non-transparent object to operate the touch function, that way is faster and easier to operate the application instead of using mouse within the built in computer system.

The touch system will still function while the the other side of the board is using for dry erase writing. (Ex. 165" MAXPAD Interactive System)


There is no specific pen needed to make the board interactive. 

Write on Board

Using MAXPAD Pen tool can write on desktop mode:

1. Pen Mode - write to add notes in different options of pen front and size.

2. Brush Mode - choose brush mode to draw for art

3. Highlight Mode  - use highlight pen to pin out the important notes from PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and etc.

The user can choose to use 'eraser mode' to clear out the note or simply click 'trash out' button to erase all.


The user can use two fingers to zoom in to make text or picture bigger, or zoom out to have farther distance. With clear text and picture, the audience can pay more attention to the instructor interactively. 

Draw on Board

Use digital pen to draw on whiteboard mode is easier than using the mouse. The user can draw any shape, box, line, and etc. 

Regular Whiteboard

The panel can be wrote on the surface with dry erase marker and regular eraser to wipe it out. No trace or mark will left over.

Record System

The user can choose to record lecture or application by fullscreen or preferred space and save it for review.

Develop Database

Create cloud or local database to storage frequent

used applications. 

Export/Import Files

MAXPAD Interactive system can share document, access internet, media transport. Also, transcode file to preferred format such as HTML, word, ppt, and etc.


MAXPAD is an all in one system and eco-friendly product that is static free for user safety; Scratch/pressure resistance and water/solvent/alcohol resistance that provide longer and safer user experience

For Business Application

All In One System

Cost Efficient

Energy Saving


MAXPAD Interactive all in one system is a cost down high-end technology for your business and office.

MAXPAD Interactive System with mobile stand allows to move from places, and simply connect with one power cord to be ready to use that is convenience for activities such as conference meeting, hotel meeting, library, trade show, and etc.

  • Less cable, less trouble

  • Light on weight

  • Easy to move and use

Simple Operate

Save your valuable time

One button to turn on or off the computer. Flexible to use, easy to learn.

MAXPAD can be used as your computer, phone, tablet, and etc.



Great Assistance

Quickly send or receive documentation, PDF, video, picture from MAXPAD, and operate business application easily with built-in feature. MAXPAD allows the company to develop a highly efficient environment for employee training, meeting, and product showcase or demonstration.

Full screen writing with digital pen under Windows mode and additional editing, annotating, and etc, or choose to write with marker on MAXPAD dry erase surface. The user is flexible on writing, deliver message, and use different types of application.

Capable With Wireless Device

The all in one system with strong capabilities that allows user to connect their wireless device onto MAXPAD with no delay and capable with Android or IOS system.

Immediate Conference Call


Record Meeting

Production demonstration is more interactive using MAXPAD Interactive System that can run different kinds of program such as documentation, 3D model, business App, AR/VR, and so on.

More Screens In One View

Easy Schedule & Start Meeting

We can customize MAXPAD Interactive System to be the exact technology tool you want and satisfy the needs of your convenience.

For Home Application




MAXPAD uses silver aluminum frame to make the outlook nice and clean; Light on weight and high quality resolution as 4K TV. International patented technology on strong, anti-environmental infrared interference, adapted to 1200 times ambient brightness change. Available on mobile stand or wall mount to different colorful background.

Ceramic coated panel

Static Free

99.9% reduced blue light

MAXPAD's built-in features are perfect for your smart home design. Large display, simple operate as your computer. Free from static for the user's safety. Ceramic coated steel panel to prevent from scratch/pressure and water/solvent resistance. 99.9% reduced blue light and harmful radiation that create a safe environment for your children and adults.

Control & Connect

At Anywhere

MAXPAD is your computer. At home, you can web browsing, watch Netflix, play video game; In addition, you can stream your phone or wireless device onto MAXPAD for both Android or IOS system. 


& Design

We customize MAXPAD for your desire and you think the best design for your smart home. To make MAXPAD to become your one and only favorite.



Yes, MAXPAD is your TV screen, channel box, and wide viewing range with no light reflection.


  • Viewing angel > 160°

  • 16384*16384 image resolution

  • 1000mbps Intel dual channel AC WiFi

  • Increase family entertainment

Capture the moment;

                    Best time in memories

Family time recording, capture every moment you and your family.


High image quality, wide range of view, and everything saved in a large screen of MAXPAD.


You can call your loved one anytime and share your screen.

Dry Erase Painting Or Reminder

Children can always write on the surface with dry erase marker and it is easy to wipe out the mess with water and fabric.

Parent can also use MAXPAD whiteboard as a reminder to remember things to do during the day.

Cloud Storage

At home, parents can use MAXPAD to help children to study enough books from available online library or resources, and be able to track their process.

Parents can also use MAXPAD to work at home while watching their kids.

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