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Frequent Q&A

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Q: The operation is slow, how to fix?

A: Please turn off the computer and wait for 10 seconds to turn the computer back on. Also, you can clean the disk weekly or monthly to remove unnecessary files that is taking memory space.

Q: Fail to connect Internet?

A: If you cannot find your WiFi network, please restart the computer first. If you still cannot wireless connect to WiFi, please try to plug in with ethernet cable to check if the wire connection is working. Then, contact Starton customer service to get a remote support


Q: Projector don't have image?

A: Please check there is nothing in front to block the projection. Make sure to properly connect HDMI on both computer and projector.

Q: How to adjust focus?

A: The focus adjustment bar will be aside of the projector with scale

Q: What if computer's resolution is different than the resolution shows from the projector?

A: Right click desktop -> properties -> adjust to most suitable resolution for both computer and projector. If the projector image is not clear, one of the reason is because the dust overlay too much on the projector lens, please properly remove the dust. Also, if the light of projector is getting darker which means it needs to change lamp.

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Q: The projector remote is not reacting well?

A: Please change the batteries, and make sure there is no barrier in between remote and projector that signal can deliver successfully when press the button 

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