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For Education




We want to create a environment that student and teacher are able to explore technology, online knowledge and implement to lecture using our MAXPAD. ​

From Kindergarten to Higher Education

MAXPAD’s embedded computer runs Windows 10. Teachers love it because they can use any educational application. The unlimited availability of online tools allows them to create and ensure a flexible, inspiring and most of all an interactive learning environment for students.


The MaxPad allows the students to do their presentations, learn and work together, fun competitions and getting induced with the newest technology in a playful and educative way. The possibilities are merely limitless.

Higher Education

Junior High, High School and University. MAXPAD always provides the best base and the ultimate solution to comply to the needs of the classroom. The most  intuitive and user-friendly platform for easy operation by the Teacher. The built-in computer allows identical characteristics as any iPad, Laptop or Desktop computer. Also allowing students to airstream their screens in order to share with the class or other classes in the building or anywhere around the world. 

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