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Our company has been active in developing, serving and supplying the technology industry for more than two decades. We are specialized in manufacturing cameras for various handheld devices like mobile phone as well as the Car-industry. We are also designing and producing optical sensors for Computers, Cars and their applications. All our products are client specifically designed in order to meet their quality and requirements standards. Our quality products can be found in many high end brands. Our clients are large corporations such as BMW, AUDI, APPLE, ASUS, ACER, HP, IBM, NEC, SHARP, HTC, THINKPAD, DELL, LENOVO and many more. With soon 25 years of designing and manufacturing experience in the latest edge technology, we have created a revolutionary new product that provides solutions for businesses and educational institutions as well as Army’s and Governments  – worldwide.


Our company launched the MAXPAD – and Intelligent Interactive Whiteboard System, and now we have Commercial HQ’s in the most important parts of the world. 

A HQ in San Diego – USA (responsible for the Northern American market)

A HQ in Antwerp – Belgium (responsible for the European and Mediterranean market)

Distributors in Dubai, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Nigeria and Vietnam. Due to the high demand, we are further expanding our activities around the globe into other territories.


You are welcome to visit one of our showrooms in any of the MAXPAD locations around the world. This way you can experience the MAXPAD yourself. You will see how simple it is to use the MAXPAD – it is very intuitive and easy. Within the first minute you will be working on it as if you have done this for years. 

We are here to answer all you questions and make you an interesting offer for your own MAXPAD INTERACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT WHITEBOARD



MaxPad controls every step from the manufacturing process (ISO 9001 - 2008) of the MaxPads. Starting with a 100% quality control system the semiconductor package, assembly and installation processes, circuit board patch installation, optics and microphone testing, MaxPad assembly and calibration, Packaging, Shipping to your doorstep.

We guarantee that we control every step from the design phase to manufacturing process to the delivery inorder to provide you with the highest quality standards.


MAXPAD is a Green company. Our company is fully ISO 14001 certified. This is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system.

Our Patents & Certificates
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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster students, clients, and professional success through high-quality learning, touching, presenting experiences and support services with the highest quality of technology possible

Our vision

Our vision is to provide accessible, excellent, and effective high-quality product presentations for our client’s earliest convenience without any hassle

Our Advantages

  • 20 years experience in technology industry

  • Customization OEM & ODM

  • Total 28 patents in China, U.S., Europe, and foreign patent pending

  • The Capability of producing 1800-5400 units in a month

  • Provide solution for education and business

Our present clients

We were been awarded the best show of winner in 2017 InfoComm for audio and video industry.

Wire Bonding

Die Bonding


After the wires are attached, a glob of epoxy or plastic is used to cover the chip and its connections. The tape automated bonding (TAB) process is used to place the chip on the board.


Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD).





MAXPAD Assembling Line

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