This video is showing how to benefit medical universities by using MaxPad. All the apps can easily be downloaded from the internet or the apps store. MaxPad is an open source system that can use any software you like for education, business or simply as a home cinema center.


with Lampfree Casio Ultra Short Projector

Want to Know more about MAXPAD Interactive System and Casio Projector in 2018 InfoComm. Please See the Following Videos:



MAXPAD with Stand

MAXPAD Wall Mount



Built-in Computer

Built-in Computer

Built in computer with the most current hardware specification on the motherboard. A fully self-sustaining unit where no external PC or Laptop is required anymore.

Windows 10

Most common and easy to use operating system.

Wireless Connectivity 

Connect to printers, speakers, mouse and keyboard and many other devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Latest Air Streaming Modes

Air streaming for IOS or Android device with secure access by MAXPAD technology for all your needs within secure IT networks – very useful for Corporations, Government Institutions, Army, and Hospitals.

Safe and Green Environment 

Protect the eye from harmful blue light and the evenly harmful radiation. The MaxPad is an all-in-one Design which is Ecofriendly and Safe for Health.

HD Camera & Microphone

Built-in 4MP HD Camera with high sensitive microphone for taking pictures, making videos, and usage for interactive vision conference call. 

HD Camera & Microphone
Multi-Touch Sensor

Optical infrared sensor for ultimate touch and writing experience. Interaction with the MaxPad at its best.

Ceramic Dry Erase Surface

Light weight panel due to a sandwich principal alloy-steel and aluminium structure

Dry erase writing

Scratch and impact resistant. 

Water, solvent and alcohol resistant surface.

Static free.

Ultra Slim (8mm) Build-in Industrial grade Computer

Intel i5/ i7

CPU / 16GB DDR4 2400 RAM / 

Wireless Connection Capabilities

Share the MaxPad Wirelessly. The MaxPad is unique as it can be controlled by IOS Systems / by Android Systems / Windows Systems.

By Using Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth you can connect any other wireless unit such as Printers and Scanners, Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard, Drones, and much more.

Business & Education

MAXPAD Helps Team Collaboration Easier and Create Great Meeting Experience
Discover Student's Talent and Creativity In The Classroom Using MAXPAD


October 2, 2018

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