MAXPAD Interactive System at ISTE 2018, Chicago

Starton team was excited to attend ISTE 2018 event because it is a nation wide largest event for education, and we were happy to be there to show MAXPAD Interactive System to all the attendees. Our product is designed to be a best classroom solution that educator is allow to edit, navigate, rotate objects under open source Windows 10. Also, download, upload, plug in thumb drive, online course or meeting using our friendly MAXPAD Interactive System can be very efficient because we have many built-in features for MAXPAD Interactive System that are generally used in education. Again, this is our honor to partner with Casio Lampfree projector.

ATD Event with MAXPAD Interactive System

It is our honored to partner with Explain Everything using MAXPAD Interactive System at the ATD event and show many people how MAXPAD Interactive System can run as a computer. Also, it capable with all kinds of software that you want to use for business or education such as Explain Everything software.

San Diego Chamber Meeting

We are glad that people love to use MAXPAD Interactive System for their meeting tool such as presentation, online report, digital meeting, and so on. It is our honored to help your business grow and increase working efficiency.

Ecosperity Event at Singapore

Our Singapore team joined the Ecosperity trade show event to demonstrate to people how MAXPAD interactive system not only help business and education but also very eco friendly to the environment because it is sustainable.

MAXPAD Interactive Training Event at USD

Our Starton team was honored to be invited to the University of San Diego's training event for learning how to use new technology which is the MAXPAD Interactive System and they will be able to use it for their classroom such as air streaming their device onto MAXPAD, wireless share documents to the student, interactively presentation, and so on.

Meet all of you at ISTE 2018 Chicago June 24-27

We are so excited to join this ISTE event on June 24-27, 2018, and we hope to see many people there at the event because we want to show them about MAXPAD Interactive System that provides all in one solution to help people with their business. See you soon!

MAXPAD in 2018 InfoComm Partner with Casio

We were happy to partner with Casio to join the 2018 InfoComm. It is our honor to participate this great event and show our MAXPAD interactive system to more people, and to see our product can capable with Lampfree Casio ultra-short projector. The set up was simple and easy because MAXPAD Interactive system has built in computer with Windows 10, so we don't need to connect external laptop. This way Casio team is easier to use MAXPAD interactive system for presentation and show videos. They can bring up spreadsheet, powerpoint, document using thumb drive plug in to the interface on the side. Our MAXPAD interactive system is AR, VR capable because we have built in camera and voice control capa

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