San Diego Realtors Event with MAXPAD

MAXPAD is perfect for event set up. People are able to pull out their PowerPoint and give speech immediately. Connect with bluetooth speak to play loud music and WiFi available. We are happy to be here and support with MAXPAD Interactive System for the event.

LA Constructor Company Office with MAXPAD

MAXPAD Interactive System works very well in the construction company office because it has ability to run complex software since it embedded with high end computer run by windows 10. MAXPAD has built in HD camera for video conference call as well. The IT expert loves it and we are glad to have more product demonstration with more IT people.

MAXPAD Installation on Catholic School in San Diego

Starton team has installed a MAXPAD Interactive System for Catholic School in San Diego that would help the classroom environment becomes innovating, interesting, and teacher and student will be more interactive in the classroom. Most importantly, teacher and student loves the MAXPAD when we show them how powerful the MAXPAD Interactive System is, and they couldn't stay to use it on class. It is our honor that we can provide a best solution for kids because we believe everyone needs to follow up the technology and learn new things in an efficient way.

MAXPAD in Los Angeles City Hall Expo

Starton Team is glad to be at LA city hall Expo event, and we were excited to show people what MAXPAD Interactive System can do. Many people were amazed by MAXPAD Interactive System because it has so many features and most importantly it can operates outside under a tent. As usual, we do presentation, air streaming ability, show applications, and all people were surprised because we have great system and technology.

MAXPAD Mobile at Social Night Event

Starton is loving to show people how flexible it could be. Easy set up and ready to use is always our principle and people love it. Starton is honor to be invited to social night event and we will continue doing better and provide great tool for our customers.

Oceanside School

Starton provides a demo unit to Oceanside school and allows teacher or student to play with it.There are so much fun you can do with MAXPAD and everyone in the classroom can participate and interactive each other with such technology product that will benefits the classroom.

San Diego School Night Event

Starton Team is glad to be invited at the San Diego school night event to let everyone to see our MAXPAD Intelligent Interactive System, and we are thanking to all the attendees to show their interest on the MAXPAD. We believe school's teacher and student will benefit from MAXPAD

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