MAXPAD in HP Headquarter in San Jose

HP is now using MAXPAD for their conference room and the company is excited on using the MAXPAD because it can do so many things that includes digital meeting, presentation, air streaming devices, connect wireless devices, Internet, Bluetooth and so on.

Partnership With Sustainable Green Solutions In Singapore

We are honor to say that we are now partner with Sustainable green solutions who is the large organization worldwide that develops green technology goods and services for businesses. We were invited and present our amaze MAXPAD intelligent Interactive System to them.

Wellon Chou - Master of Memory Trainer

Mr. Wellon Chou is the founder and principal trainer of Memory Ark Pte Ltd, a company dedicated to help people harness the maximum potential of their brain through proven and effective memory techniques. (Memory Ark) We are glad to have this opportunity to work with Master of Memory Trainer 'Wellon Chou', and he is happy to use MAXPAD for his presentation. The master found out the MAXPAD is easy to use, very user friendly, so the training process with master doesn't take too long before his presentation starts, and he already knows how to use it with the program he wants to use.

SDG&E Presentation - Using MAXPAD Connect to Multi-Screen

We are thanking Bruce to invite us to join the SDGE supplier event and it is our honor to show people how great the MAXPAD is. Our MAXPAD can connect to multi-screen using wire or wireless. After the connection succeed, the user can start editing on the MAXPAD and audience that is far away can see from big screen. In the event, we use MAXPAD for presentation, event schedule, and voting session as a countdown timer.

SDG&E Product Demo

We are glad to have this opportunity to join SDG&E event, and thanks Bruce for inviting us to let everyone see what our product can do. In the picture, any size of MAXPAD can be connected to multi-screen and whatever you do on the MAXPAD, it will be automatically appears on the big screen. Great for many types of project and large conference. In the event, we have session for voting that we use MAXPAD for countdown time, and big screens for real-time voting status so everyone can see the statistic.

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